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About Us

The company TATA is:
Т – Творческая
А – Ассоциация
Т – Технологичного
А – Апгрейда
If translated in english: Creative Association of Technical Upgrades

The company employs professionals. To create a site, our company uses TATA CMS - content management system created by our specialists. The system is constantly updated with new features, which are free for our customers.

Why can we afford the creation of a website for free?

- The answer is simple, our company has its own Internet resources (hosting, CMS, own system for mass mail marketing) that allow us to offer services to customers for a small monthly fee per month.

For the creation of the website you pay $ 0. Monthly fee is 1000 rubles.

The subscription fee includes:

  • 24 Hour technical support;
  • Hosting (This is the place where your site is stored);
  • Full maintenance of your site, ie, updating website with content provided by the customer. Our company undertakes the process of updating your site by your content. You send us the material by e-mail, and within an hour the content appears on the site;
  • once a month e-mailing shooting with your proposal to the companies of the selected city.
  • Promotion of your website on the Internet in the top 10.
  • The number of pages is not limited.

Features and modules within the service "free site" can be viewed here.

With us is convenient, interesting and enjoyable!

We work for you, to promote your business via Internet, because Your website is your office on the Internet.



TATA Liability Limited. Russia

TATA Liablity Limited

Russia, Omsk city, Street: Mendeleeva, 2/1, Office, 8

Telephones: +7-983-115-6367, +7-961-8843949, +7 (3812) 52-72-51



Representative in India:

Наш представитель в Индии

1 Avas Vikas Colony, Jail Road, Aligarh - 202001, India.

Tel.: +91 74-659-739-45